Boatworks is all about helping you get the right boat.

The boat that works for you and the boat finance that works for you. Bringing together information aimed at assisting you select the boat that suits your lifestyle. The boat that maximises your time on water, meets the requirements for you, your friends and family and enhances you recreation and relaxation. If you’re buying a boat for your business, the vessel needs to work, and work hard, to deliver for your operation. To meet the demands of your customers and enable you to improve productivity and efficiency, increase your bottom line and grow your business.

But maximising your boating enjoyment or increasing your business profitability may not be achieved if you don’t have the boat finance deal that also works for you. A personal secured boat loan that works with your weekly budget. A commercial marine finance deal that works with your cash flow. For most boat buyers, that means sourcing the cheapest boat finance available.

Not always an easy task. Navigating the financial channels in Australia can be challenging for even the most savvy and experienced borrowers. We provide you with information on what loans are available for both personal and business boat finance, where to source boat loans and, most importantly, tips and hints on how to source the cheapest boat finance.

You’ll likely hear plenty of scuttlebutt around the marina or yacht club as to what you should buy and receive plenty of input of boat financing. We’re not sharing scuttlebutt, we’re focussing on the facts specific to boat finance right here in Australia.

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