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Boatworks – Facts not Scuttlebutt

If you want the scuttlebutt on how to find a boat and boat finance that works for you – ask around your yacht club or marina. If you want the facts on sourcing the cheapest yacht finance and tips on how to buy a boat that works for you – come here to Boatworks Yacht Sales.

At Boatworks it’s not ‘about us’ it’s all ‘about you’. YOU finding the boat that works for you. YOU sourcing the boat financing that works for you. You maximising your boating pleasure with a boat loan that works for YOU. You achieving ROI, improved productivity and increased profitability for your business with the boat financing deal that works for YOUR business.

Buying a New Boat

• If you’re after a brand new boat, it will depend on the specific boat brand as to where you should head. Overseas boat manufacturers have representatives, dealers, in Australia. Large local manufacturers will also offer sales through a dealer network. Ensure the dealer is licensed by checking with the Boating Industry Association.
• Some boat builders offer customisation services on new boats so you have the opportunity to tailor the boat to what works for your lifestyle or business requirements.

Buying a Used Boat

• Both commercial and recreational, power and sail, are available through a number of channels.
• Online selling platforms allow you to view a lot of options in the one place and many brokers will have great websites.
• Brokers offer a comprehensive range of services to assist buyers. These may include sourcing a boat to your specs, assisting with transportation to your home port and doing necessary checks.
• If buying from a private seller, ensure you follow best practice and get all the necessary checks both on the seller and the boat. Engaging the services of a marine engineer for a professional condition report is advisable.
• Buying at auction can result in scoring a great deal. But be aware that auction fees will apply and also be conscious of buying ‘as is’.

Boat Finance Sources

• Finding the boat financing deal at the cheapest interest rates that works for you can be a challenge. Approaching multiple banks and lenders direct to get quotes so you can compare can be both time-consuming and present issues. Applying for multiple loans may potentially impact negatively on your credit report.
• Using a finance broker to source your boat loan is not only an astute move, it makes practical and logical sense.
• A specialist marine finance broker has connections, ie a wide lender base, to quickly and easily source multiple quotes for your boat, without the process impacting your credit report.
• By having such a large number of sources, the broker has a better chance than you working alone, to source you the best yacht loan deal.
• Your broker must be independent and working in your best interests. Negotiating the best deal, using their bargaining power and delivering you the boat loan deal that works for you.

Boat Loan Calculator

• Using an online boat loan calculator while you’re browsing yachts for sale can be a great assistance.
• These devices calculate rough ballpark estimates on monthly repayments based on the boat purchase prices and other data that you enter.
• Great resource for comparing affordability, not just price, when it comes to finding the boat that works for you.

Please contact us for more facts, not scuttlebutt, to assist you find the boat and the boat finance that works for you.