Whether you’re considering a luxury motor yacht, a racing yacht, a mid-range sailing yacht for recreation, a catamaran for charter or passenger work, or a smaller trailer-sailer – finding the right boat requires a number of considerations. Initial decisions are usually based on your individual preferences or requirements: your sailing/boating capability, size, accommodation, suited to your purpose, facilities, performance, maintenance and ongoing requirements, mooring and berthing and ease of operation.

These may include if you want a yacht that equally allows you to compete in your yacht club races and accommodate family and friends overnight for holidays. If you intend to sail solo or will you always have a crew to assist. If going solo, think single-handed yachts or models which offer push-button sail hoisting features. If selecting a motor or sailing yacht for a charter operation, are the facilities and accommodation suited to the market you are targeting.

Next comes the more specific detail. Whether to buy a new or a second-hand yacht, what manufacturer and whether to purchase through a broker or dealer, from a private seller or even at auction.
And most importantly, and very often the clincher – the price! Or in most cases, more specifically – affordability. The affordability of the boat you want comes down to your finance. That is why finding the boat loan that works for you is as important as finding the right boat.

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