Boat Finance and Sales Services

To assist you find the boat that works for you and the boat finance that works for you, we’re providing you this reference section of resources, tips and hints of services available.

Boat Brokers
• Boat brokers are professional boat sellers and deal in both new and used boats, power and sail. Brokers are required to be licensed under regulations in Australia and you can check broker requirements at
• Brokers often operate from marinas and may have boats on display for you to inspect. Most operate very comprehensive websites with details of boats they currently have for sale. If you are looking for a specific boat – power or yacht – you can brief the broker and they will do the searching for you.

Boat Finance Broker
• A finance broker that specialises in marine loans and finance is a great option and a savvy way to source low interest boat finance.
• Ensure your broker is licensed, accredited with many lenders and has specialist boat finance expertise.
• In Australia, finance brokers are required to be licensed with the relevant regulator.

Yacht Financing Calculator
• To get a rough estimate on monthly repayments on your yacht or power boat loan before applying for a loan, use an online boat loan calculator. These resources are provide as a service by finance brokers and lenders and available on their websites, free of charge to use.
• Boat loan finance calculators are an online device where you enter the amount you want to borrow and how long you want to pay it off and the calculator automatically generates a ballpark estimate of monthly repayments based on that lender’s current interest rate. Read the disclaimer and terms and conditions for individual calculators to ensure you are informed of the capabilities and what the amount calculated represents.
• You can use the calculator as many times as you want to compare rough estimates for several boats.
• These calculators are a great tool to assist with the boat buying process.
• Contact us for a link to an online boat finance calculator.

Pre-approved Boat Finance
• Consider having your finance broker arrange your yacht loan prior to committing to a purchase.
• This service allows you to have confidence that your loan is approved, you have your yacht financing locked in so you know you can proceed with the purchase.

Bad Credit Boat Financing
• Just because you may have already had a boat loan rejected by a bank or other finance company or you have credit issues, doesn’t mean that you can’t source boat financing.
• A finance broker may be able to assist you as they usually have contacts with lenders that are prepared to extend yacht financing in these situations.

We know people that provide all these types of services for individuals and businesses. Contact us for details of the services that will assist you find a boat that works for you.